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  • Opera
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As a sort of primer for this website, I want to outline an all-encompassing vision of Hierarchy and the roles each of us will naturally embody. Hierarchy is the primary social structure of society.

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It is the oldest and most basic framework of human interaction, one that we see mirrored in the animal kingdom as well. While most of these Hierarchical roles are determined at birth, sometimes males might move between roles as their natural position manifests itself through life experience. We need to understand and accept Hierarchy as a fundamental truth in human society. Resisting or denying it brings frustration and misery. I own it, I manage it, and it cannot be destroyed. You can always me to be added to my mailing list.

That will allow me to keep those interested in the loop.

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This post is part of a thread chronicling the ownership of a faggot named Jamie by a straight Apex Alpha named Master G. This is always a difficult process, particularly when a faggot has been living under the delusion that it is straight and equal to other Men.

Tucker had a rough time of it while we were gone. I have wanted Tucker to do the same while we were hunting. But Tucker had not had a lot of success cumming without my direct stimulation. We left him toys and vibrators, even the d. SO for two weeks he was caged and without his Daddy, and unable to cum. He did all his other duties perfectly.

Both gyms were running smoothly and he kept the house tidy, and detailed my cars. But as much as he fantasized about me, he could not make himself cum. When we got home he greeted me naked on his knees and kissed my feet. Then I had him stand up to face me. All I did was reach up and stroke the side of his face, just to calm him a bit, and just like that he moaned and started cumming!

Gushing out of his cage onto the floor! His whole body just seemed to be convulsing! Then he just fell on me, wrapped his big arms around me and started weeping on my shoulder. I just motioned to Jamie to go do something else eventually he came back to clean up the huge puddle of cum and I took Tucker into the bedroom.

After whipping him for a while, I had him lie down on his back with his head hanging off the bed and skullfucked him. Especially past the point of where he is producing any cum. Then continuing to take him through several dry cums. Well, I did the same here with Tucker, only by throat-fucking him.

Multiple hands-free cums! Over and over until he was having painful dry cums just like Jamie does. Just from fucking his throat! It was so hot, little Sammy! Very satisfying!

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But it also made me realize Tucker is very different than Jamie. After the throat-rape, Tucker was really worn out.

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And strangely quiet. Jamie came in and tended to his sore whipped ass, and took off his cage to clean him. Then bathed him so I could go to work. I may need to adopt him as well, just for his own sake. He is not as equipped to survive as well as Jamie.

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In a good-hearted sort of way. You should see the two of them together now, Sammy-girl.

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Jamie is so very patient with Tucker. Far more than I am. They seem to have really bonded. Jamie is something so special.

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I was VERY lucky to have found him so early in my life! Are you able to comprehend the immense, life-altering power of Master G yet?

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He will always find the right means to secure his property and ensure that his almighty will is done! This may not be the destiny Tucker imagined for himself when he was once a male living a lie, but it is instead the truth Master G has revealed. I thought you might like to listen to cashmaster Alpha Jaxon alphajaxon talk to his faggots with his nasty-but-sexy voice. This post is part of a thread chronicling a faggot named Dalton and his service to his straight Apex Alpha friend Caleb. Two days ago we heard from Dalton about how Master Caleb brought in an humiliated an old acquaintance named Barrett into his session with Dalton.

It was a nasty little encounter, and Barrett — a formerly straight male — was battered into submission. Anyway, Caleb asked me to come over to suck his dick around 8 a. I asked him if he had fucked Barrett yet. I told him that I was surprised. And Barrett did so. I was going to leave. Caleb told me to stay and I asked if he was really going to fuck us both. Caleb just outright told Barrett that I was going to watch him get fucked. I had to watch the brutality.

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Barrett looked pitiful here. I know he secretly wanted to get fucked but was afraid to go from fantasy to reality. Once he realized that it was going to happen he just kind of got numb and quiet. It continues no matter what.

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Barrett does though. Then to fucking. Caleb started out in doggy but had Barrett get in a total bitch position. When he got tired of doggy, Caleb just did what he always does: lays his whole weight on you and just fucks.

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Caleb is not a light guy and Barrett could hardly catch a breath. Then I saw Caleb do something that he has never done to me. He stopped and pulled out. I was already hard as fuck watching this and jerking in my shorts, but this confused me for a second.

It must have been about seconds. Barrett had just recovered and started peeling himself off the floor. Then Caleb penetrated again and d.

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He let himself get away from the edge of a nut just to keep fucking Barrett longer. He repeated this two more times. This was like four ruts in a row although he only came on the last one. He probably figured it was another trap. I even got a little unnerved by watching it. Barrett looked catatonic in the floor. Caleb told him to go shower. He got up without a word, hunched over, and just shuffled into the bathroom. Hell, even I was sitting there kind of stunned by it.

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Caleb cleaned up a little and got dressed. He looked at me and wondered what was up. I just shrugged and shook my head. I just texted back and asked if he was okay. Caleb said Barrett laid in the shower for about an hour — even after the hot water ran out — got out, got dre ssed, and left without a word. Dear lord, from what trench in Hell did Master Caleb arise to stalk the Earth? He has some dark, cryptic reason for breaking Barrett so violently.

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Look at that picture of him at the top of the. If he comes at you with a determined look, there will be no stopping him. Master Caleb is the forest fire burning away the forest underbrush, the tsunami washing the surface of the Earth clean, or the glacier crushing great stones to dust.

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The daughter of an elderly couple involved in a Baxter car crash tells of the moment she thought the smash was fatal.


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