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That may or may not be true, but I did my best to compile this from multiple sources. If anything in this article happens to be incorrect, it is so because of incorrect information I've dug up about it. Also, note that I don't know personally McAfee, nor have ever met him - I've been told he's quite a nice, charming fella, though. The now year old legend that we know as John McAfee [ twitterofficial website ] was born in in Gloucestershire, England.

His parents decided to move to Virginia when he was still young. This is something McAfee said still haunts him daily. McAfee had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, and his very first business was selling magazines door-to-door. He says that one made him what he then considered a small fortune.

Well, that and selling cocaine. He became familiar with computer basics when he started working for a firm that coded punch-card systems, and he next went to work on train schedule systems for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. His father offing himself contributed for McAfee to start going all kinds of bonkers at a younger age. As described in his interview with Wired :. His father, McAfee recalls, was a heavy drinker and "a very unhappy man" who McAfee says beat him and his mother severely.

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When McAfee was 15, his father shot himself. So my life is fucked. By the time he was in college, aside from obviously, drinking, he was also already doing drugs. One particular incident involves our dear John consuming a full bag of DMT, starting to hallucinate vividly, and running out in the streets to hide behind a trash can. He did end up marrying her, though.

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McAfee had a of jobs, mostly related to software development and consulting. While at these companies, As discribed by McAfee, his time at these companies was interesting, to say the least:. But in the work environment - depending on where you worked - in some companies drugs were taken openly at lunchtime in people's offices. It was a bizarre time. And I'm afraid some of my ideas and concepts and attitudes that were moulded during that time are still with me.

That's why people think, perhaps, I'm a little bit off the wall. He quit working at the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton inand by he had developed a severe drug abuse and drinking problem, which cost him his marriage. He did start ing and actively attending Alcoholics Anonymous clubs, though, and he did sober up - for a while, at least.

15 agosto

It infected the boot storage of media formatted with the FAT file system. McAfee saw opportunity in this, and the entrepreneur programmer math genius started working on a new software that would combat this new computer virus thing.

A day and a half later, he had his basic McAfee antivirus program. Four million people were using it within a month, and five years later, over half of the Fortune companies were using his software. McAfee initially managed his company from his home in California, and the company was incorporated in Delaware in John was quite the salesman, and in was able to sell the scary story of how the one computer threat virus was a virus called Michelangelo, which was about to hit on March 6. The Michelangelo virus was actually called that because every year, it remained inactive until March 6, which happened to be the famous artist's birthday.

The media, being the panic spreading machine it is, helped spread the scary tale across the world. This paid off bigtime for McAfee, and his software got more and more traction and worldwide attention. A lot of people were now downloading the antivirus software, in an effort to keep their computers and data safe from this doomsday Michelangelo virus thing.

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John McAfee had sure developed quite a controversial office culture as well. A lot of the people he hired were ly close to him, often people who weren't really working prior to getting the McAfee job. This even included employing witches who did witch stuff in the conference room.

He also had a sex contest going on, in which you would get points for having sex in different spots of the office area. People did work their asses off though, and would often sleep on their desk and wouldn't go home for a day or two. The company was now doing better than ever, and investors were interested in growing it further. That wasn't really was McAfee was all about thought, and he seemed to want none of it. He agreed to have them buy him out two years after the company went public.

Even though he did get a nice big fat check, his part would have been worth a lot more if he had held on to his shares for another couple years - McAfee and Associates was sold for 7. He filed his homes up with fancy art and furniture, among other things, and bought a bunch of antique cars. Inin Hawaii, he built what was described as an architectural masterpiece, which he would never even visit once it was completed. At the start of the new millennium, and after a couple of unsuccessful ventures, John bought a massive piece of land in Colorado, built a 10, square foot mansion on it and went full gurutard.

He opened a yoga retreat center, and started preaching love and zen. He said that living life on the edge as he does, he has to do something and yoga gave him a better perspective of himself.

College days and substance abuse

John has mentioned that he's done meditation and yoga sincearound the time his drinking and drug abuse were already out of hand. He would invite people to his mansion, and would let them stay there for free.

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The property had a total of 19 bedrooms and space for at least 25 people. It also had nine fire places, manually carved doors, heated flagstone floors, and incredible, open views. It included four trout lakes, meeting areas, observation decks, a horse paddock, a six-car garage, and a car parking lot.

Early life

He was very involved in the building process of the entire Colorado estate, and paid a lot of attention to detail. He was directing his contractor on how to do everything, from heating to plumbing. He had ten-inch concrete walls and fancy Mayan patterns all over the place, too.

John divorced his second wife, Judy McAfee, in During his retreat center midlife crisis phrase, John was even making yoga videos with Jennifer Irwin, and was even apparently into some sex yoga stuff, whatever that is. Irwin was his girlfriend at the time, whom he would date for the next 14 years.

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Inwhile taking a flight to Nepal with Jennifer, they were reading a magazine on the plane when they saw an article about ultralight flying. Reportedly, he bought a bunch of land againand created several bases that you could fly between, hoping from one to another.

This would make a crazy aerotrekking circuit that was miles long, with basic necessities at each base. Even though one of these aircraft crashed, John ignored the incident. Later, one of the men doing this died and his family then sued John for five million dollars.

He auctioned off and sold a lot of what he owned. John himself said that he was sued multiple times and in fact lost very little — he only spread the rumors that he lost it all to put himself in a better position. He claimed it was all a charade to make him seem broke so that people would stop suing him. After the stock market crash, McAfee took whatever he had left, packed his bags, and moved to Central America — Belize, to be more specific.

He first went to San Pedro, then later decided to move to Orange Walk. Conveniently, Belize does not recognize US law, and all of those people suing him and asking for financial compensation would probably never see that money.

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While in Belize, he was buying property and building things, while remaining active and made built up a reputation of being quite generous. He was even buying stuff for the local police department, including a million-dollar boat.

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He paid workers almost twice what they were earnings working for others, and would even pay people's bills and help them finish their houses. Everyone there seemed to love him.

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So, he got busy and made his own stuff. He even brought in a Harvard researcher from the US, Dr. Allison Adonizio, who was working on creating the antibiotics of the future, which would be based on special chemical compounds found in the Belize Jungle plants.

One important thing you should know about Belize is that crime rate there is extremely high. If you go around flaunting cash, chances are that with time, you may be parted with some of it. This did happen with John, and he eventually started getting threats over the phone.

People telling him to watch himself, and other similar threats. According to John's ownwhile he was in Belize, there were plenty of attempts to kidnap or rob him. He's even had a gun held to his head, which he says he didn't take personally since people there were starving. All of these seemingly ridiculous events contributed to him getting more and more paranoid.

Wanting to feel safer, and perhaps even untouchable, he hired a few ex-inmates to be his bodyguards. These included one individual he described as "the most frightening man he's ever seen", and who's been in prison over 20 times left on the image below. He put together a security team of about a dozen people, some of whom were from the most notorious gang neighborhood in the country. He got them driving cars, and bought them guns and camouflage uniforms. All of this was happening in Carmelita Village, a small place set in the Orange Walk district and where John was now stationed.

In the village, McAfee went full Breaking Bad on the poor people there and set a curfew at 8pm.

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He also opened up a police station, his own one. He didn't want no cops at the police station, though - his security was supposed to be doing that job. He was calling his guards "hit men", and would talk about perhaps taking over the Belize government. People there seemed to have been legitimately afraid of him, and he was bribing cops left and right, too. She confronted him, and then mentioned how she had a headache.

Acerca de mí

John allegedly brought her two pills and a glass of orange juice, and the little recollection she says she has from that night involves McAfee standing over her, naked. She claims he later acted as if nothing had happened. When she asked him to buy her out of the company, he started calling her names and kicked her off the property.

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In the s, Japanese guitar makers started to mainly copy American guitar des, and Ibanez-branded copies of Gibson, Fender and Rickenbacker models started to appear.


There is also the White Beach that, as its name suggests, is a stretch of white sand beach just minutes southeast of the seaport.


I'm a busy guy and I can't be around all the time, so if you want somebody you can keep on a short leash, go teen chat and get a chihuahua.