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Pathways are made up of courses focused on future careers or further education opportunities. Your journey into the music industry is important to us. We will nurture your music talents and support you in perfecting your performance and production skills.


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The Isle of Thanet welcomes a wealth of exceptionally talented and creative women who have settled and established roots, whilst making their distinctive mark in the very beaches of this coastal paradise. From brewery owners, entrepreneurs, fashion stylists and DJs to jazz singers, life coaches and deers. Jessie Cutts is a textile artist who makes quilts and kids toys.

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She moved from South London to Ramsgate in With two very young children and both my partner and I working in crazy high-pressure de jobs with no family nearby, we decided that it seemed insane to keep living life this way. It was a kind of by accident that we chose Ramsgate.

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We took it in turns to travel up to London, the other looking after the. We came back that evening and just drove around the town, looking on Rightmove. It had everything we were looking for — a relatively easy commute, lovely architecture, a town that felt vibrant and interesting, houses we could afford and sandy beaches. Regarding work, have you continued to do what you did in London or has the move to Thanet resulted in a career change? I completely changed my job. I worked for 12 years at a de company called IDEO as a communication deer. I had wanted to start a business making quilts and kids toys, but never seemed the right time.

But now I have. The change of pace is very different to the big city, do you have any regrets on moving to the Kent coast?

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I pinch myself every day when I wake up and see the sea. The whole family is happier. Sabina Desir is a vocalist and vocal coach working in Jazz and as a Jazz promoter.

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She moved to Ramsgate in Both mental and physical. An un-expected pregnancy made me re-evaluate how I wanted to live and where. I was born and raised in Pimlico, and though there are huge benefits of living in a city I feel that when space is limited it forces people to withdraw into themselves as a means of retaining space. Everyday felt like a hustle. It felt like it was time to make changes, to exhale. I looked at all three towns and felt Ramsgate had a unique personality and was full of juxtapositions.

It is pure coincidence that the town is home to many musicians both established and thriving. It is a hotbed of talent and all manner of creatives can be found which has been an absolute gift.

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Regarding work, have you continued to do what you did in London or has the move to Thanet resulted in a completely new career? When I moved here I was just coming off maternity leave and really had to go back to basics with work and carve out a living for myself. I founded The Jazz Sessions which promotes artists and organises jazz events. The move has definitely pushed me to create opportunities for myself and others. Regrets no but I do miss the diversity of London and seeing other people who look like me and share my heritage on a daily basis.

It is impossible to ignore living in Thanet that there is work to be done in terms of equality and cultural awareness. As a first generation black woman of Afro-Caribbean heritage who grew up in London during a time when the struggle for racial equality was at a height, Thanet is about 30 years behind in terms of attitudes to diversity.

I guess a lot of people regardless of colour are having experiences and conversations due to the political climate that has taken the country backwards. However, I must also express that there is a great deal of kindness here. People are friendly and open. It is not unusual to be stopped by a stranger in Waitrose enquiring after my son. There is a strong sense of community. Shopping takes an least an extra 30 mins as you stop to talk in the bakers or butchers, or drop in for a quick tea and chat with whoever is in Eats and Beats.

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And playing with my son after school on the beach, priceless! The seaside towns are like villages with great community spirit. Be ready in yourself for a real change in pace. I defy anyone not to stand on one of the many beaches or sit atop a cliff looking out to France on a day with glorious blue skies and not say how fortunate they are. I moved here on my own with my then 2 year old son, my 26 year old son stayed in London.

You can find a place within the community to inhabit.

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Whatever the stats say on paper, Thanet is a hidden gem. Katie Barber runs Albion Storesa boutique in Margate. She moved to Margate in I knew very little about Thanet before moving here. My boyfriend grew up in Canterbury and he told me stories of holidaying in Margate as a kid and nights out here as a teenager. It was when one of my oldest friends moved to Margate that I started becoming more intrigued. And this beautiful Georgian building with a shop on the ground floor that my friend shared on Facebook totally hooked me in.

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We came to view in Novemberput my flat in Stoke Newington on the market and moved in August I work in my shop full time. I manage everything that owning a business entails; selling, buying, marketing, ing, business development, planning, order fulfilment, merchandising, and cleaning! I do have some wonderful part time staff who pick up Sundays and occasional weekdays when I need to head into London for buying trips or meetings.

I also work as a freelance marketing strategy consultant. I had a job as a strategy director in a large London agency up until July last year. I also co-own and manage a record label called Adventures In Paradise, which means I get to promote the music and artists that I love beyond DJ-ing.

Our model includes ‘real world’ projects, regular gigs in music venues and a chance to release your own records. these are unique opportunities that our modern music students get to experience and you could be next!

I still do quite a bit of work for agencies on campaigns for large global clients. But the type of work I do is changing. Developing business strategies and brand strategies is something I love doing as my brain likes to be challenged. And it also helps pay the bills. Margate has an exciting creative scene which has thrown up some really interesting music venues and events.

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Always have something else up your sleeve! A lot of us have moved here to fulfil that creative project or dream. But the reality is there are always bills to pay so having something that can afford you your dream is highly recommended. I had worked my London life into everything I wanted not to be; I worked for myself, had flexible hours and luckily, managed to work from home one I owned, which felt like a miracle most of the time. However, I wanted a bigger home and I was being called for more space and silence. I quickly realised I was being called for more space physically we went from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed house and silence in being so close to the water.

I suppose approaching your mid 30s quality of life becomes more important and I got to a point where I really wanted to create a home. We chose Ramsgate based on the house and that it was a slightly quicker journey to London.

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My partner was commuting for the first 6 months so it was an important factor for us. Plus Ramsgate is pretty and looked like it had some cool stuff going on.

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Intuitive Living focuses on using our own inner GPS as a guide for health, life and business. I work with women all over the world, empowering and educating them to show up for themselves, manage their toxic self-talk and limiting beliefs. My work is focused on transforming how we are living and build more purpose and power into our lives, using a fine tuned mix of practical, mindset and spiritual tools.

Regarding work, have you continued to do what you did in London or has the move to Thanet resulted in a change? Within a few months of being here I got pregnant and had a very sickly pregnancy, which meant I actually slowed down how much I was working at all. I took a few months off and used my maternity leave to write my first book and then went back to work fully 6 months after my daughter had been born.

Leaving London made me think about how much I was saying yes to and how much more focused I could be with my time. I wanted to honour the clients who wanted face-to-face time but also did some work on shifting a lot of my coaching online, which meant less time in London and more time at home. I have to say my business has thrived since moving to Ramsgate, which I believe is a mixture of sea air, becoming a mum and being incredibly smart with my time, as well as getting a coach myself.

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I miss music shows, good food and a good pub lunch. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to be in London days a week and often stay over so I get my fix of my old haunts and people!

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Weigh it up. There is enough going on and of course, you can get more bang for your buck on the property ladder but it is a different pace.

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The commute long term can be exhausting, so do think about how you can make your career work for you. You can create the life you want and make it work for you, you just need hope and some action! London can feed a thirst and curiosity for almost anything and I learned to love it for that, but I always felt more at home by the sea.

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Our three restaurants are united by their passion for traditional Neapolitan cuisine prepared using only the freshest local ingredients, a thirst for great Italian wine and love for good company.


The seaside town has long been Thanet's best kept secret - but not anymore.