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A defendant who has been subject to unreasonable search and seizure typically will have no remedy against the police officer who performed the search. This is due to qualified immunitywhich is a doctrine that protects government employees when they perform certain actions pertinent to their occupations. A police officer who qualifies for qualified immunity is protected from being personally sued by the defendant. Because of qualified immunity, the exclusionary rule is often a defendant's only remedy when police officers conduct an unreasonable search or violate the defendant's Miranda Rights. Qualified immunity usually will extend to officers who violate a defendant's constitutional or statutory rights. Under qualified immunity, an officer may be sued only when no reasonable officer would believe that the officers' conduct was legal.


In. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence Hide Spoilers. A female officer Gretchen Becker goes to a hostage situation where she is shot countless times while also shooting the crack head robber Jackie Earle Haley. The robber, in return, decides to sue the police force, which awakens our maniac cop Robert Z'Dar with the help of a voodoo priest.

Robert Davi is back as the detective trying to figure everything out. Third third film in the series also has a screenplay written by Larry Cohen but he has very little to offer here. Obviously the main focus of the film are those bad guys who manage to sue and get money but the screenplay does nothing smart with it and in the end everything here is pretty much by the books. The direction by Lustig and performance by Haley, Z'Dar and Davi are the main reasons to watch the film. Not only doesn't the screenplay deliver on the moral lesson but it also lacks in any reasoning for bringing the character back.

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The voodoo angle doesn't work nor does the relationship between Davi and the nurse. The death scenes, in their uncut form, are pretty weak and one wonders why the movie was originally given a NC rating. In the end, after a couple good entries this series really goes out on a rather bland note. The movie isn't bad but one can't help but feel disappointed that this is all they could come up with to close the series.

Was this review helpful? In New York cityPolicewoman is gunned down, staying in comaand being accused of use excessive force by the nasty delinquents. Then the grossly disfigured police Robert D'Zar returning from his grave to wreak futher vendetta yet again, as he emerges to exact gory revenge as the good guys attempt to get rid of him once and for all. As the huge maniac cop goes on his vengeance, why never matters. Run-of-the mill and routine sequel with usual elements as noisy actionthrillschillscar pursuitsshootoutsgrisly violencehigh body-count and lots of blood and gore.

As it is, despite abundant action and involving a fistful of murdersthe overall effects is sluggish. Blood and guts fly as any plot shortcomings are intelligently masked by an array of lethalsadistic and violent deaths. All of them were written by Larry Cohen and middlingly but professionally made. The picture was regularly directed by William Lustingwho here used the frequent pseudonym Alan Smitheegiving a passable filck in which interpretationsoccasional bizarre details and camerawork are solid enoughbut both cutting and filmmaking are flabby and formulary.

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This craftsman filmmaker has made various films with plenty of violenceaction and terrorsuch as : "Uncle Sam""Relentless""The Hit list""Vigilante" and "Maniac". Average but passable and acceptable. Having watched all three of these movies within days of each other, the conclusion is essentially that they should have left it with the campiness and cheesiness of the first movie.

Especially since it was just downhill after that first movie. The overall here just feels like a series of random shots had been put together for a movie, as if they had given different directors free reigns to just do whatever they wanted and then patches their individual products together at the end during production. The story line in "Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence" was laughable at best. It was so predictable that it almost hurt. You could essentially start watching the movie, leave for a while and come back, and you would still be fully up to speed with what was going on in the movie.

As for the characters, well Matt Cordell had turned into a farce by now here in the third movie.

Cop3 mental capacity assessment

But if you enjoyed the second movie, then you might actually find some enjoyment in this third addition to the franchise. The special effects were nothing outstanding, and just basically continued on in the same pace as the second movie. The effects, of course, show the s of the age in which they were created. Just a friendly word of advice, don't expect too much here.

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By now with the third movie it felt like they were just squeezing out the last drops available. It didn't really feel like there was any heart and soul added to this movie. I have now watched this third movie, and with it I will let Matt Cordell rest, because it was definitely much needed after strained two sequels. BandSAboutMovies 13 October But what if the Maniac Cop found love? This is the question we must answer. Aren't we all worthy of adoration?

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Even those of us who have risen from the grave and killed numerous people in an obsessive quest for bloody revenge? He uses the dark powers of voodoo to bring our favorite boy in blue back from the beyond. Meanwhile, there's also another cop named Katie Sullivan Gretchen Becker, who is also in Firehead and was Martin Landau's partner until the end of his life who gets shot in a convenience store holdup. Thanks to more police corruption, she's painted as using excessive force and the man who shot her is due to go free, which upsets investigating officer Sean McKinney the returning - and always awesome - Robert Davi.

It also upsets the Maniac Cop, who shows up to the hospital ready for mayhem. He kills one guy with defibrillator paddles and another with straight-up x-ray radiation. And the four reporters who ed in on Kate's frameup?

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McKinney s up with Doctor Susan Fowler Caitlin Dulany, who along with Jesica Barth, formed Voices in Action after the multiple accusations against Harvey Weinstein to investigate the murders and Kate's strange behavior, even though she's braindead. The Maniac Cop is interested in Kate, who Houngan claims refuses to return from the land of the dead. So he does what any of us would do. He sets everything - including himself - on fire.

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Despite getting blown up real good, the body of the titular protagonist survives enough to hold Kate's charred hand, even in the morgue. Despite director William Lustig's rough cut clocking in at just 51 minutes, he refused to shoot the additional scenes the producers wanted. That's why the Blue Underground release has Alan Smithee listed as director.

To fill in the gaps, there are several scenes that are obvious outtakes from Maniac Cop 2. Scarecrow 31 May Matt Cordell's. Katie doesn't know that the employee working in the pharmacy is Jessup's gal who picks up a revolver willing to kill the cop who had "saved her.

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In a vegetative state, Katie's brain seems dead, and her "guardian", Detective Sean McKinney Robert Davi, returning from the film as the chain-smoking, reliable, street-wise cop whose seen it all and then some is disgruntled with how his best friend is being treated in the press. Despite his decomposing state, Cordell still understands how he himself was treated by those he considered allies, and begins murdering those who offer Katie harm, hoping to clear her. Susan Fowler Caitlin Dulanythe on-call physician over Jessup, who somehow survived multiple gun shot wounds from Katie's firearm, will assist McKinney while also falling in love with him during the process.

Soisson, I'm guessing, was probably more associated with the stunt-work unload plenty of action sequences which impress such as the final car chase between a burning Cordell trying to drive McKinney and Fowler off the road, or bloody shoot-outs where a heavy supply of squibs were utilized to show bullet-riddled bodies. There's a thrilling shoot-out in the hospital when Cordell releases criminals from their handcuffs, with McKinney getting to show out his skills of evading gunfire.

Beside Haley's psychotic junkie, many familiar faces make appearances such as Robert Forster as a happy-go-lucky doctor who plans, faithfully, to carry out a plan to remove Katie off of life support so that the police department could save face with the public as the image of the force has been dealt a serious blow, becoming one of many Cordell victims, thanks to the nasty use of an X-ray machine. Paul Gleason.

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His demise, along with Jessup's grinning lawyer who sees future engagements. Cohen's screenplays always seem to have these appalling suits attempting to screw over unfortunates unable to defend themselves, meeting grim fates in crowd-pleasing fashion. I thought Dulany was fine as Davi's love interest, she's the kind of dependable female support Davi's cop needs when the stack is decked against him. Davi, as always, brings his usual grit to the role of a city detective. The whole sub-plot regarding Cordell's desire to marry Katie didn't really work for me, but maybe it will you.

It does provide a memorable sequence in the voodoo priest's church where Cordell, on fire, carries Katie's corpse in his arms walking towards a trapped McKinney and Fowler. I'm not really sure why the priest resurrected him unless he felt that Cordell's reign of terror over those who betrayed him, wasn't finished, and that he needed further vengeance for how others wronged him.

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There seems to be a theme of anger towards the police force and their methods of justice, while also hammering the message home that the streets are a difficult place for the men and women in blue trying to halt crime. The truth of what actually happened behind the scenes may never be known but it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

While parts of the film don't work as well as they could have I still think Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence is a really good horror film. First the negative things, the film never really explains why the Voodoo priest guy brings Cordell back from the dead. He doesn't make Cordell do anything or try to control him so why bring him back? The ending is very silly, why does the seat Cordell is sitting in not catch fire? It's not made clear why Cordell takes such an interest in Kate, I think maybe because he sees much of what happened to him in her but the link is somewhat tenuous.

There is a really cool car chase at the end with a burning Matt Cordell behind the wheel of a police car trying to catch McKinney. Not as good as the first two entry's but still a great film in it's own right, in my humble opinion. Definitely worth a watch. I am at a distinct disadvantage here. I have not seen the first two movies in this series, although I have seen a lot of Larry Cohen films. Fans of the series seem to think this is a good film.

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Judging it on it's own, it was pretty boring. You never get a real good look at the maniac cop's Robert Z'Dar face, but what I did see was pretty grim. The death scenes seem to be staged to eat up the most film, not to give any thrills. Compared to the first two movies, this one is certainly a bit of a disappointment. It's not as fun and also not as action packed as any of the two movies. Perhaps the fact that director William Lustig walked off the set, for some reason, is the reason for this. You can tell that this movie had some really good ideas in it but it just doesn't work out quite well enough all.

It sounds strange but even Cordell just comes across as a totally pointless character in this movie, even though he is the titular maniac cop of the movie. Seems like the movie really had a hard time putting its emphasis on the right elements and persons within this movie.

Deputies: make decisions for someone who lacks capacity

It was true that in the movie the Robert Davi got pushed to the background too much, even though he was supposed to be the main hero of the movie. This time its perhaps more the other way around, with the movie focusing more on the 'human' characters and not the evil villainous Matt Cordell. No, the movie just doesn't work out that very well.

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